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In order to volunteer for field trips, on-campus activities, and classroom functions, you must complete the following steps. If you need assistance completing the volunteer protocol, or if you have any questions about the process, please contact Mrs. Caruso, the CPDA Magnet Coordinator, via email at or by phone at 818-756-2775.


Get Your Child’s Student ID Number (Needed for Step 2)

ID numbers can be obtained from Parent Portal, the CPDA Magnet Office, or from your student’s teacher.


Complete the LAUSD Volunteer Application Form

Any person interested in participating in a school’s volunteer program must complete the online volunteer application at​ ​Be sure to print and sign when completed.

  • Volunteers serving at more than one LAUSD school must have a completed online application, printed and signed, for each school before they can begin service.

  • Prospective volunteers will need to estimate the number of hours they are able to volunteer each week. NOTE: Any volunteering hours in the classroom, on field trips, or working with students will also require fingerprinting.

  • Once the online volunteer application is completed, it should then be printed, signed, and turned into to Mrs. Caruso, Magnet Coordinator.


Complete the Grant CPDA Magnet Parent Association Form

This can be found on our website under “Parents.”


Get Your Tuberculosis (TB) Test and Results

  • If you had a recent TB test done less than six months prior to submitting your volunteer application and it was negative​, you can submit that TB clearance record to the Magnet Office along with the rest of your paperwork.

  • Otherwise, you can have a TB test done through your private health insurance, CVS minute clinic, an urgent care facility, or other third-party provider, as long as the physician or nurse completes and signs the LAUSD TB Clearance form


Return the Completed Forms to the Magnet Office

Return the following completed forms:

  • Printed and signed online application

  • Printed and signed volunteer commitment form

  • TB test results and LAUSD’s TB physician/clinic form


Complete Fingerprinting

ALL classroom and field trip volunteers require fingerprinting​. Once your application packet is received in the Magnet Office and reviewed, Mrs. Caruso will assist with coordinating with the Office of Parent and Community Services to set up a fingerprinting appointment with one of Los Angeles Unified School District’s approved providers. Fingerprinting is done free of charge. 


Application Review Process

All volunteer applicants will be checked against the Megan’s Law online database. No person may provide volunteer service until all necessary clearances are verified by the school principal, the volunteer has signed a copy of the online application and the Volunteer Commitment Forms, and a volunteer badge is issued by The Office of Parent and Community Services. The badges are sent to the school for school personnel to distribute to volunteers.


Receiving Your Badge

You will be notified when your badge is delivered to campus. It will be held in the Magnet Office for you to pick up. School volunteers are required to sign in at the Main Office upon entering the campus, and you will be required to wear your badge to during your time on campus. School volunteers are also required to sign out when you are done volunteering.

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