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Planning For College

Our program is designed for the student who has set his or her sights on post-secondary academics, and our entire Magnet staff is committed to helping our students and parents reach their educational goals.  


The path to college begins in 9th grade; through careful counseling, students are placed in the appropriate college-preparatory courses and encouraged to take part in the myriad extracurricular activities available on campus.  Through the subsequent years, parents and students are educated on the entire college application process.  Field trips to colleges near and far enable students to see and experience a bustling college campus first-hand.  Guest speakers and workshops allow access to information ranging from selecting the right college, to picking a career focus, to perfecting the application, to financing the dream and making it a reality. 


During the spring semester, our students embarked on a three day tour of five colleges in Northern California. We visited UC Santa Barbara, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Cal Lutheran, UC Berkeley, and Stanford University. Along the way, we learned more about the college admissions process and the steps necessary to achieve our academic goals.


Whether it's Cal (Go Oski!) or UCSB (We Gaucho Back!), our students are now armed with more insight into choosing the right school for them!


Our students once again set out on a three day tour of five colleges in Northern California. We visited UC Santa Barbara, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UC Berkeley, San Francisco University, and Stanford University.

Undeterred by rain or cold, we explored the campuses and surrounding cities, and returned home ready to polish our college applications.


In fall 2018 we expanded our college tour program with a two-day excursion to colleges in Southern California. From October 29-30 we visited UC San Marcos, UC San Diego, San Diego State, and UC Irvine.

This trip was especially meaningful for the cohort of seniors who were simultaneously completing their UC applications (due by November 30).


For our 3rd annual Northern California college tour, we visited UC Santa Barbara, Cal Poly San-Louis Obispo, Cal State University East Bay, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and Sacramento State University. 

Rain or shine, our students were pumped to explore California's outstanding public university systems.

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