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Digital Arts Electives

In the 21st century, the ability to effectively and creatively communicate and express ideas using technology is a critical skill, and we pride ourselves on providing myriad opportunities for students to explore various modes of digital discourse to share their thoughts and deepen their learning.  Our Digital Arts electives blend artistry, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and technological knowledge into UC-approved courses centered on digital photography, film making, and broadcast journalism.  Our highly qualified teachers guide students in their creative endeavors, and allow them the freedom to create and publish and share their works with the world. 

Video Production

Students in video production courses experience both the creative and technical aspects of filmmaking as they work in small teams to write, shoot, and edit a short narrative film. In addition to learning the basics of story writing, camera techniques, and digital editing, students begin to develop a personal aesthetic and a heightened understanding of career opportunities in television and film production.

Digital Imaging

Students in digital imaging develop aesthetic criteria to create and assess graphic imagery using contemporary technologies. Importance is placed on developing knowledge of the elements of art and principles of design as they are used in visual communication. Students learn about the history of graphic design, making aesthetic decisions, use of contemporary technologies, drawing with traditional and contemporary media, color theory, layout and design, desktop publishing, and career opportunities.

Digital Photography

In the 21st century, it is increasingly important to learn how to effectively communicate ideas visually. Our photography courses begin by teaching basic photographic techniques that incorporate historical and contemporary traditions, and allow students the opportunity to extend this learning to incorporate modern and experimental techniques to express and publish their innovative ideas.

Perfect Shot
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