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Lower Division Curriculum

The transition to high school can be a challenging and even overwhelming experience. To ease and facilitate this process, the teachers in the Lower Division program (Grades 9 & 10) provide students with the prerequisite knowledge, skills, and habits of mind they need to be successful in their ongoing academic endeavors. Coursework prepares students to read and write like scholars, and to think like artists, scientists, historians, and mathematicians. By the end of their sophomore year, students will have acquired the resources they need to feel independent and confident in their learning.

Grades 9 and 10: Foundations

Our 9th and 10th grade students follow a traditional schedule of core academic classes, coupled with one-semester courses in study skills and digital arts. Our teachers have created curricula designed to build foundational mastery in critical thinking, literary analysis, college-level writing, active reading, and diverse problem solving. Through project-based learning and the inclusion of sophisticated and challenging texts, our students are encouraged to go beyond rote memorization to discover deeper awareness and cultivate enduring understanding. These crucial years also afford students the freedom to explore their independence, forge new friendships, and find their unique voice.

Lower Division students in our Magnet are given the opportunity to undertake college-level work right away by enrolling in one or more of our Advanced Placement courses. These classes are taught by highly trained Magnet teachers and present a challenge to those who demonstrate a willingness to learn coupled with a positive attitude. AP courses teach more than content; in these courses students hone their critical thinking, reading, and writing skills and learn valuable lessons about the importance of time management and organization. 

Advanced Placement courses currently open to incoming 9th graders include AP Biology and AP Human Geography. 

Advanced Placement Opportunities

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