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The CPDA Magnet Mindset

We create the culture in our magnet. Creating a space where we feel safe and accepted is up to all of us. As a member of our CPDA Magnet community I uphold the following:

I am responsible for my impact on my school, my teachers, and my peers.
This means:

  • When one of us struggles, we help.

  • When we work together, we all do our part.

  • I make an effort to consider the perspectives, thoughts, and feelings of the people around me. I do not use language to describe them that they would not want used about them.

  • When I am in a group, I strive to ensure that everyone is included and understood.

  • I am mindful of the things I am given and the resources that have been provided to me, from my school, teachers, and fellow students. I say "please" and "thank you" to express gratitude.

  • I treat others kindly and respectfully, even when I dislike or disagree with them.I show this respect by listening to my teachers and peers and not speaking over them, even when I disagree with them. I can respond when it is my turn.

While I am in the CPDA Magnet, I am a professional student.
This means:

  • My language and manner should be professional, as I am a member of a professional learning community. I do not curse in the hallways or classroom. I dress professionally, in accordance with the dress code outlined in the LAUSD student handbook.

  • I am in my seat on time and prepared to learn when the bell rings.

  • Every new activity is an opportunity to learn and demonstrate my knowledge, so I will approach it with an open mind.

  • We reach success through hard work, persistence, and repeated practice. Therefore, when I have questions, I ask them.

  • I understand that my grades are not given to me; they are earned by me. If I am not satisfied with my grades, it is my responsibility to seek help.

  • I use the resources that have been provided to me, both online and offline, to stay up to date on my performance and what has been assigned to me and when it is due.

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