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A College Prep Curriculum with Emphasis in Digital Arts

The College Prep and Digital Arts Magnet at Grant High School is committed to providing crucial skills and college-preparatory instruction in all academic subjects with a focus on Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors levels.  Students in our program are given the opportunity to experience college-level texts and interdisciplinary lessons that hone their reading, critical thinking, and writing skills.  We also infuse technology and digital media across the academic curricula, from our projects in web-based research and visual rhetoric, to our exclusive Magnet pathways such as Video Production, Digital Imaging, and Digital Photography.


Our vision is to foster a diverse community of ethical learners who are prepared not only for the rigors of higher academia, but also for the demands of a technology-driven workforce in an ever-changing global society.  Our school community is composed of motivated students, involved parents, and highly qualified teachers who understand the importance of post-secondary education and who work together to achieve success. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate from the Grant College Prep and Digital Arts Magnet:

  1. Will have become active producers of knowledge rather than passive consumers of information.

  2. Will have deepened their understanding within and across humanistic, scientific, and mathematical fields of knowledge.

  3. Will think critically and creatively in the pursuit of solving theoretical and real-world problems.

  4. Will analyze, evaluate, and construct arguments based on evidence, reasoning, and an appreciation of the rhetorical context.

  5. Will communicate effectively in oral, written, and digital modes for a variety of audiences and purposes.

  6. Will strive to become thoughtful and engaged members of their communities.

Sample Student Schedules

Honors English 9

Freshman Foundations & Health 11 (LAVC)

Honors Geometry

Honors Physics

Spanish 1

Physical Education


Honors English 10

Honors World History / AP World History

Honors Algebra 2

Honors Chemistry / AP Chemistry

Spanish 2

Physical Education


Honors American Lit / AP English Language

Honors US History / AP US History

Honors Pre-Calculus

Honors Biology / AP Biology

Spanish 3

Video Production


Honors Composition / AP English Literature

Honors Economics & Honors Government

AP Calculus AB

AP Environmental Science

AP Spanish Language

College Elective at LA Valley College

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