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March: Trailblazing

Volume 5           Issue 03.1

Oh Whimsical Tree Standing Next To Me

Oh whimsical tree standing next to me,

What say you? Don't just sway there in the breeze.

I see your exotic leaves with much glee,

And I just wish to speak with you, oh please!

I'm longing to know the taste of your fruit.

Some say you're lethal but that can't be true,

For your radiance proves you're not a brute;

But then again I have no clue.

At least justify your furry flowers—

Those bright bursts of red, like balls of fire,

That resemble the facades of ours.

Oh tree, you are just like me: a liar.

 ~ by Brandon Montalvo, Grade 12

Lancer Sports News

Boys’ Baseball


Our boys' baseball team are off to a sizzling start. After defeating Panorama High School 11-0 on March 8th, the Lancers improved to 6-1 in the regular season and have one tournament game left before league begins. They look to carry their success into league.


Girls' Softball


Our girls' softball team is also off to a hot start. These Lady Lancers are 5-2 with very impressive wins against both Torres High School (14-3) and Wilson High School (7-2). Our ladies have a very high-powered offense that they will need when league play starts. League play starts this Wednesday here at Grant against Chavez High School. Good luck to our Lady Lancers!


Boys' Volleyball


Although our boys' volleyball team doesn't have that many seniors this year, the group has a lot of young talent that shows promise this upcoming season. Our boys have fared well in the three matches they have had this year. Good luck, boys!

 ~ by Michael Gonzalez and

Brandon Montalvo, Grade 12


Arranza Villegas is a CPDA Magnet 12th Grader.

1. How do you manage sports and education? I have to admit that is hard, but when I get home, no matter what time it is, I start my homework until I get it done. Sometimes my sleep is sacrificed because I know I have to fully finish my homework in order to be ready for the next day.


2. What is your favorite subject and why? My favorite subject is English because we just finished reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. Novels like this make me reflect and learn more about what is going on in our society and politics.


3. Who is your favorite Magnet teacher and why? Ms. Pariser is my favorite teacher because she cares a lot about her students and has the enthusiasm and energy that makes me want to learn more.

4. What is your dream career and why? I'd like to become a detective or private investigator because this has been my dream career since I was a child. I've also always been interested in mysteries and solving challenging puzzle games.

5. What advice would you give to an incoming Magnet freshman? My advice would be to take your classes seriously because they are going to come in handy in the future and it will all be worth it. Also, be sure to not procrastinate because starting work earlier is always better than leaving it to the last minute.


 ~ by Ruzanna Demirchyan

and Ani Gharibyan, Grade 12


Magnet Student Spotlight

Digital Arts and Film Festival

May 18, 2018

Walk the red carpet at 5:00pm on Friday, May 18th and enjoy our school-wide digital art, graphic design, and student films. Chalk paintings will bloom on the grounds of our school. A silent auction will accompany our event and pizza and beverages will be available for purchases. The outdoor area outside Grant Hall will provide additional exhibit space for our Lancer artists. Awards will be given for the various disciplines, and there will be a panel judging the student films. Many surprises will be in store and we encourage you to bring your friends and family to celebrate the creative and supremely talented artists' submissions.

Tickets are $3 when purchased in advance or $5 at the door.

Five Questions With

Ms. Burawski

1. Favorite sports team?

     Yankees, Eagles, and Lakers.

2. Favorite TV show?

     The original Star Trek.

3. Three things you would take if you were stuck on an


     My phone, my kitties, and a note pad.

4. Go-to gas station snack and drink?

     Pepperidge Farm cookies and a Diet Coke.

5. What career would you have pursued if you hadn't

    become a teacher?

    A filmmaker.

~ by David Hovsepian

and Sarkis Melikyan, Grade 12

The year 2018 is one for hard work, Pisces, and the stars are working hard for you! On New Year's Day, the moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune are all in water signs. You have keen sensitivities and sharp insights and intuition all year long.

Earth signs keep things real with the sun, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn on New Year's Day. In May, Uranus makes its long-awaited entry into Taurus. Practical, material concerns are highlighted all year, but with Uranus in the mix, nothing should be boring or taken for granted.

Your planet, Neptune, remains in the heart of Pisces. No matter how hard the material world tries to push its agenda, you won't lose sight of your dreams.

Your other planet, Jupiter, spend most of the year in Scorpio, being retrograde from March until early September. Fundamental daily life issues will be handled promptly and easily.

In November, Jupiter leaves Scorpio and enters its home sign of Sagittarius. Let the parties begin!

Horoscope 2018: Pisces

February 19 - March 20

Important Dates: MARCH

1-31: Women's History Month—Learn more at the National Women's History Museum.

01: Black Student Union meetings are every Thursday at lunch in Room 110

14: ASB Blood Drive

17: St. Patrick's Day—don't forget to wear green!

19: Prom tickets go on sale through April 18

22: Open House (6-9pm)

22-24: Northern CA College Tour

23: Multicultural Fair @ Grant HS; 1:57pm dismissal

26-Apr.2: Spring Break

Upcoming Dates: APRIL

02: Cesar Chavez Day—No School. See his portrait and learn more at the National Portrait Gallery.

05: Student Awards (period-by-period)

13: 9th Grade Renaissance Faire

18: Last day to buy prom tickets.

20: Dance Show (Grant Hall, 7pm)

21: Senior Prom at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel

Do Our Beliefs Make Us Who We Are?


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